Our research lab aims to realize super high-dimensional information analysis, recording, reproduction and its application focusing on CG and images. We emphasize on practical science and conducting collaborative research with companies and patenting proactively.

I. HADA (Skin) group. HADA group is conducting collaborative research with a skin care company. This group run simulations of light diffusion and programming to see how does the change in blood circulatory system would affect the look of blotches on the skin. We also simulate how does the look of our face change as we grow older.

II. SHITSUKAN (Texture) group. Historically, image processing labs in Chiba University are famous for photographs and printings. In recent years, not only reproduction of colors in the images but we also carry out a research to control the reproduction of glossy textures, rough surfaces, and graininess. SHITSUKAN group is currently collaborating with two companies.

III. GAZO (image) group. This group aims to process various types of images. This group collaborates with a company to speculate the color of lightings from the images taken by cameras.

IKOUGAKU (Medical engineering) group. This group aims to research in applying engineering for medical purposes focusing on measuring methods. In our recent research, we developed a technology that can measure heart rates and their fluctuation through the moving images captured by cameras. This system can also obtain information of how the person in front of the camera is stressed or attracted.

Our research in the past around the year of 2000 is now applied to the various available products from many different companies.


02/22 (Mon) 10:00-13:00 ImPACT dynamic image control seminar - Speakers/Guests: Assoc. Prof. Hiromasa OKU
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11/13 (Fri) 14:15-16:00 ImPACT machine learning seminar - Speakers/Guests: Prof. Tomoki HAMAGAMI
10/27 (Tue) 16:00-17:00 ImPACT holography seminar - Speakers/Guests: Prof. Yasuhiro AWATSUJI
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